How many restaurants have a Michelin star in Barcelona?
The MICHELIN Guide has established itself as a world authority in the field of gastronomy due to its unwavering commitment to readers and its rigorous selection procedure, which is carried out independently around the world. It's a choice made by inspectors who operate undercover, are highly-skilled professionals, and adhere to standardized labor practices everywhere.

THE ADN of the Michelin brand is reflected in its slogan, "The best way to go", which alludes to the Michelin group's objective of promoting mobility and served as the impetus for the creation of this guide.

How many restaurants have a Michelin star in Barcelona?

The Michelin Guide is a book that is published annually and evaluates restaurants in different cities around the world. The guide is considered one of the most important in the world of gastronomy, and restaurants that receive a Michelin star are considered to be of high quality and excellence in their culinary offer. The culinary experts of the Michelin Guide evaluate an infinite number of factors such as the quality of the ingredients, the creativity and culinary technique used by the chef, the consistency in the quality of the dishes, and the service and atmosphere of the restaurant.

In the city of Barcelona, gastronomy is one of the main tourist attractions and for this reason, among other factors, it is considered one of the main destinations for gourmet gastronomy in Spain. With a wide variety of flavors and culinary styles, the Catalan city has become a must-see destination for lovers of good food. In this sense, the Michelin Guide is a world reference in the evaluation of restaurants, and in Barcelona, there are several establishments awarded with Michelin stars.

In Barcelona, there are currently a total of 30 restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars, which indicates the high level of gastronomic offer of the city. Of these restaurants, three have been awarded three Michelin stars, five with two stars, and 22 others with one star.

This 2023 the Hermanos Torres, have taken their culinary experience to the next level with the creation of Cocina “Hermanos Torres”. This new space is located in the District of Les Corts. It has a central kitchen in full view of all the tables that allows diners to witness the work behind the scenes.

In 2018, “Cocina Hermanos Torres” opened its doors with an incredible culinary proposal that earned them two Michelin stars in the 2019 edition of the guide. Since then, this restaurant has been in constant evolution, experimenting with new flavors and culinary techniques to provide its diners with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Recently, at a ceremony in Toledo, the Torres Brothers were awarded their THIRD Michelin star, positioning itself in the Olympus of international cuisine. This recognition is a clear reflection of the excellence and constant effort that they have invested in their culinary project.

In summary, Cocina Hermanos Torres is an innovative and unique restaurant, which has managed to transform an old tire workshop into a culinary and haute cuisine research center. With its central kitchen in full view of diners, its new culinary techniques, and its recent recognition with the third Michelin star, the Hermanos Torres has made it clear that its passion for cooking and its constant evolution is destined to take them to the top of world gastronomy.

Another restaurant that has received the highest rating in Barcelona is the Lasarte Restaurant, with three Michelin stars.

Run by chef Martín Berasategui and executive chef Paolo Casagrande, this restaurant is located in the hotel Monument of Barcelona, in Paseo de Gracia. Lasarte offers a high-quality culinary experience, with creative and sophisticated dishes that stand out for the quality of the ingredients and the culinary technique used by the chefs.

Another prominent restaurant in Barcelona is the ABaC Restaurant, which has also received three Michelin stars. Two of them in a previous achievement led by chef Xavier Pellicer, and the latter in 2017 led by chef Jordi Cruz. Located in Barcelona's Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, ABaC offers a unique culinary experience, with dishes that combine Catalan culinary tradition with creativity and innovation.

In addition to these three restaurants, we have broken down another guide for your delight divided into two categories of TWO and ONE Michelin star:

Restaurants in Barcelona that have been awarded "TWO" Michelin stars. These restaurants offer a high-quality culinary experience and are run by renowned chefs such as Paco Pérez, Nandu Jubany, Xavier Franco, Carles Abellán, and Romain Fornell, among others:

· Cinc Sentits
· Angle
· Moments
· Disfrutar
· Enoteca

Restaurants in Barcelona that have been awarded "ONE" Michelin star. We will also find the latest news as far as Michelin star awardees are concerned. A total of 22 restaurants in order to continue surprising the demanding palate of all those who visit Barcelona:

· Enigma (latest news)
· Mont Bar (latest news)
· Aleida (latest news)
· Come by Paco Méndez (latest news)
· Slow & Low (latest news)
· Atempo
· Aürt
· Oria
· Hisop
· Dos Palillos
· Alkimia
· Hofmann
· Koy Shunka
· Caelis
· Via Veneto
· Xerta
· Lluerna
· Can Jubany
· Tresmacarrons
· Fonda Sala
· Els Casals
· L’Ó

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